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Hi lovely people, there are many events in Germany that we can exchange our culture. For example, I was invited ‘Japanese cooking night’ and cooked Japanese traditional dishes with 25 people who live in Essen Germany.

I introduced how to cook home made sushi, miso soup and green tea tiramisu. Japanese cuisine is well known in Germany and I was glad to know that many people are interested in Japanese culture.

You can download the recipes and have a look what it is like the cooking night from the link below. You will not miss your home country if you take part in such a cultural exchange event while you study in Germany!

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    Mich fasziniert die japanische Kultur ebenfalls. Vor allem die mittelalterliche. Bin jedesmal aufs neue von den Samurai in ihren Rüstungen und von ihren Schwertern fasziniert.

    lg Melanie

    Comment by Melanie created 26/07/2017 - 13:17

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