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Hi lovely people, this blog is about foods in Germany. Below is my favorite places related to local German diet.


There are many bakery stores and many kinds of bread -it’s said that over 1500, are made in Germany.  These stores open at early morning till evening including Sunday. Bread is one of the most essential foods in here.


Mensa means school cafeteria where students can have lunch on cheap price like 2 to 3 Euro. This is a Mensa near my university and in here students can choose their lunch form 3 menus including vegetarian one.

3. Markt

Especially on the weekend Friday and Saturday, there are vegetable, fruit, meat, cheese and flower markets in open spaces near tram stations or cathedrals. They have fresh groceries produced in organic way. In Germany, there is a regulation so called “bio” about organic agriculture. Bio products are more expensive than others but fresh, delicious, and biologically friendly.

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