Our First Excursion: The Vineyard Walking Tour

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#Vinothek #Offenburg #September

#Vinothek #Offenburg #September 2017

I had my first university excursion in my second week at Offenburg. Students gathered at the Hochschule Offenburg bus stop at 2:30pm and boarded a big white bus. There were about 70 students. It took us around 10 minutes to arrive at Vinothek – a wine shop – where we were greeted by the friendly owner who was to take us on the wine tour. There were also a lot of friendly people from the Senior Service who were very kind and exchanged conversations with the students.



We climbed up a hill and on our way saw rows and rows of grapes in the vineyards. The scenery was beautiful – a lot of green (vegetation), blue (sky) and orange (little houses). While everyone else was tasting the wine, I tasted carbonated mineral water for the first time, and…well, it was really bitter and tasted interesting.


Vinothek Interior

Inside the Vinothek

Ataabout 5pm we started descending the hill and walked  back to the Vinothek and took a round inside it. A wine lover would have been able to describe it more vividly and colorfully. To me, I saw a small little space, decorated neatly.

The trip came to an end around 5:40pm when it started to rain and everyone then headed towards home.

As a first excursion, I think it was a great, productive day 🙂


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