Journey to Germany and the longest day of my life

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My flight to Germany was scheduled on 4th July. I departed from Kathmandu, Nepal at 7.40 am in the morning. This was my second international flight ever. When I looked at the mountain peaks of my country rising above the clouds through the window of my seat, it looked really surreal and beautiful. I wish I had a camera on my hand at that moment.

The duration of my flight to Istanbul, Turkey was 8 hours. But it was just 12.55pm in Istanbul. I had 4 hours of transit period.  I completed the security check. The gate number for departure to Cologne was yet to be announced. I was just roaming around the airport when I met Ramy Gamal. Ramy is also a DAAD scholar attending the same program as mine at ITT, Cologne.  We had met earlier through Facebook and in a online video conference conducted by our university for the DAAD scholarship holders. It was a coincidence to meet him. We chatted in our transit and then we boarded on the same flight to Cologne.

The duration of flight from Istanbul to Cologne was about 3 and half hours. When I saw the Cologne city from the plane above, I really liked the city at first sight. It looked really beautiful, well organized and green. The immigration officer was very welcoming as well and I felt like home as soon as I landed to Cologne. I had already contacted with Mr. Roshan Sharma, a senior of mine at the ITT beforehand. So he had come to pick me up at the airport.

Mr. Sharma took me took to my hostel at Rodenkirchen. It was quite far from the airport and I had to change train as well. Mr. Surendra Pandit, another senior of mine at ITT, who also lived in the same hostel, handed over my room keys to me. I arrived to my hostel at about 8.30 pm in Germany.

I realized that during the summer, the Sun is still in the sky till 10 pm in the evening in Germany. The duration of my journey from Nepal to Germany was about 16 hours. It was morning when I had departed from Nepal. And when I arrived to Germany, still the Sun was there in the sky. As the Earth rotates from West to East in its axis but I travelled from East to West, it was day the entire time and literally the longest day of my life.

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