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Students admitted to Hochschule Offenburg can consider themselves lucky in this matter because they do not need to go through, what I think, must be a daunting task of, looking for an accommodation. The university helps its students look for an accommodation – this can be either a student residence or private housing.


The prices of student residences range from €189 to €302 and usually includes all utilities. Normally students will need to pay a security deposit at the beginning of their stay. The apartments vary in size, starting from one to larger flat-sharing communities. All residences have shared kitchens and bathrooms, and are fully furnished, with washing machines and dryers in the basement.

Rent prices for private accommodations range from €200 to €300 and may or may not include utilities. An additional security deposit needs to be paid at the beginning of the stay. The accommodations vary in size. It may be a one room apartment, a flat with several rooms or a house with several rooms. All accommodations are fully furnished and include a bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen and all the pillows, blankets and bed linens needed during the students’ stay. Usually there is a washing machine.

Application for accomodation

The application form for accomodation

To apply for an accommodation, I filled out a from titled “Application for Accommodation”. The first line on this form was “Note that we cannot guarantee you a room in the student residence.” This was also emphasized in the email that the form was attached to. This is because there are not enough rooms in the students residence to accommodate all the students. The university, however, does guarantee that all students will find private accommodation.

After filling out the application form, I sent it back through email and a week or two later, received an email from the in charge of private accommodations with details about my accommodation. I was given a time span of 5 days to consider the offer before accepting or rejecting it.

At first, I had preferred to live in the student residence because I thought for a freshman, it sounded less scary and more within the comfort zone. Unfortunately, in the email I was told that there were no rooms available in the student residence, but the university had found me a private accommodation near the university. I now think, perhaps this is actually a nice option after all, because I can travel from my house to the university, and learn new things during this trip i.e. how to ride a bus and I am sure a lot of interesting things will happen on the way. My housemate is a local, which gives me an opportunity to hear the local language and get in touch with the local culture more often.

As for my rent, it touches the upper limit of the price range for private accommodation but includes all utility service fees i.e. heating, water and electricity.

I really appreciate the fact that the university offers to help students with finding accommodation. This saves us a lot of time, energy and confusion. It is immensely considerate of the university. ❤

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