Activating the Deutsche Bank Account

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Deutschebank-PapersUpon arriving in Germany, there are many formalities to complete. One of those is to activate your bank account. This was one of the most confusing tasks I had to complete, and I must say it did stress me out quite a bit.

Normally, this should have been quite a straight forward task to complete – go to the bank with your documents; submit them to the clerk; and then wait. For some reason, this semester, everything went south, and that was no longer how to do it.

When I first visited the bank, I was told by the clerk that the Offenburg Branch no longer processed the activation of blocked accounts and that I must complete the process online. She told me that the instructions were clear and I just had to scan my documents and upload them. Naturally, I was quite perplexed because my seniors told me all they had to do was submit their documents physically at the local branch. Nevertheless, I went home and browsed through the website and found no place to upload any scanned documents. Instead, I found a page saying that all documents must be posted to Hamburg.

 Bank-BrochuresI went back to the bank a few days later, and the clerk, this time, handed me a little pamphlet with a web link, and said she wasn’t sure whether we had to scan the documents or send them by post, but told me to follow whatever instructions were present on the website. Now that angered me – it was my first week and all I wanted to do was activate my own account – why did a simple procedure as this end up in so much uncertainty?

Of course, this became the topic of the class – “Have you activated your bank account?”, “How to activate it?”, “I went to the bank she told me to do it online.”, “I think we must post the documents to another city”…… this went on for quite a few days until we were in our third week and decided there was no other option but to mail it away.

Why didn’t I mail the documents sooner? Because one of my classmates submitted his documents physically to the Offenburg Branch and the clerk accepted his documents. At the same time, a little more than too many senior students were saying sometimes employees at the bank get confused or don’t know the procedure as well as you’d expect them to, so we should go at different times and talk to different employees. Sadly, I never got the chance to meet another employee and every time it was the same lady with the same response. Also, I simply could not comprehend the idea of having to post photocopies of my bank documents to a bank in an entirely different city. But when I finally hit wall, I just had to do it. And in doing so, I found out where the post office was and learnt how to post letters!


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To my surprise, just a week later, I received a letter from the bank. This was much faster than I expected. A week later, I received another letter, then finally the next week after that I received the long awaited bank card and that was the end of the bank story.

What happened to the classmate who had his documents physically accepted by the local branch? Well, they later told him to post his documents to Hamburg. (⊙x⊙)….



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    What are the documents we need to post to the DB in hamburg ?

    Comment by Shruthi created 01/09/2018 - 04:21

      Hi Shruthi,
      To activate the Deutsche bank blocked account, we had to fill out and send this form to Hamburg. For more details on how to activate the blocked account you can visit the Deutsche bank website at

      For the exact documents you need to post, it would be a good idea to consult at the local branch in your city.

      Good Luck! 🙂

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