Vlog 17/18 – Episode Two

26/10/2017 - 07:02 - 3 Comments by | honduras flag

Studying in Germany is a great experience. Meet Samantha in our Vlog! She studies in Munich and will accompany you through the winter semester 2017/18.


Activating the Deutsche Bank Account

24/10/2017 - 09:39 - 12 Comments by | china flag


Upon arriving in Germany, there are many formalities to complete. One of those is to activate your bank account. This was one of the most confusing tasks I had to complete, and I must say it did stress me out quite a bit. Normally, this should have been quite a straight forward task to complete […]


After arriving: 5 Things have to be done (2)

20/10/2017 - 06:17 - 0 Comments by | republic_of_china flag

Besides Anmeldung and Moving in a dormitory, there are still 3 important tasks for exchange students. After finishing them, you can start your study without any worry about „bureaucratic“ matters. 3. Heath insurance Every exchange student should be insured in Germany. There are two kinds of insurance here, namely „gesetzliche Krankenversicherung“ (statutory health insurance) and […]