Exkursion – Study trip!

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"Theseus Temple" in Vienna

Exkursion is a study trip, that counts as a class in German universities. I was extremely fortunate to take part in two Art History study trips: to Vienna in February and Konstanz/Switzerland in July! Study trips in my university took place between the lecture periods, during “semester breaks.” Therefore, students would go there in their […]


Missing Germany!

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Hello! I’m back after the break from blogging…to say goodbye! Unfortunately I’m not in Germany anymore. My study abroad has ended in July, when I was busy with my finals, amazing study trip to Konstanz and Switzerland, and with moving out from Germany. Reflecting back on my year abroad, I find myself missing Germany a […]


My favorite German words

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Learning languages is fun-particularly, when you learn some words that you like more in the learned language than in your native language! Here’s the list of my favorite German words 🙂 Hours of learning the language are made worthwile by discovering such cuties! Handy – mobile phone It’s shorter and funnier than its English version. And […]

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