The Offenburg Christmas Market

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The Offenburg Christmas Market was located at the city center and was fairly small. There were stalls that sold food, Christmas decorations, winter clothes and accessories. The accessory stall that sold bags and purses caught my eye because I had spotted a really cute and exotic looking backpack which I immediately took to. The stall […]


Christmas 2017

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I had a very traditional three day Christmas and I’m very glad I had the opportunity to get an insight into how this festival is celebrated by native Germans. It also made me realize how similar families from all over the world are on these big holidays when everyone- children, husbands, wives, in-laws have to […]



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Gengenbach – pretty houses, lovely Christmas market, the world’s largest advent calendar house, but I guess what topped my trip up was the amazing Hochschule Offenburg, Gengenbach Campus, and of course the wonderful company that I had. The houses were so pretty and I loved the architecture and design – they looked exactly like the […]