Professional courses at the University (2): More detail in department of law

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As a law student, I can introduce the courses in my faculty more detailed. Unfortunately, most of the lectures and seminars in the University of Tübingen are held in German, especially if you want to learn something about German or international laws (e.g. German constitution, WTO law). Most of the english professional courses are concerning […]


Professional courses at the University (1): General Information

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In the past few weeks, I just lived like a normal university student. Taking classes, buying foods, joining parties at the free time. Definitely, learning plays an important role in students’ daily life. As an exchange student, I can choose freely which kind of courses I would like to take. Yet, rules of course enrollment […]


Semesterticket, worth buying?

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As an university student in Germany, we can buy „Semesterticket“, a semester-long ticket for public transportation in neighboring region with a relatively cheap price. Semestertickets vary from region to region. For example, the Semesterticket in Nordrhein-Westfalen is valid in the whole state, while the Semesterticket in Baden-Württemberg is only valid in the certain public transport […]

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