After arriving: 5 Things have to be done (2)

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Besides Anmeldung and Moving in a dormitory, there are still 3 important tasks for exchange students. After finishing them, you can start your study without any worry about „bureaucratic“ matters. 3. Heath insurance Every exchange student should be insured in Germany. There are two kinds of insurance here, namely „gesetzliche Krankenversicherung“ (statutory health insurance) and […]


After arriving: 5 Things have to be done (1)

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Few days ago, when I arrived in Tübingen with joy, I did not realize how „bureaucratic“ matters work, such as enrolment at the university. Fortunately, with help of my friends, I understood and completed all of them in a short term. Because the administrative procedure could be quite different in Germany, it is always suggested […]


Dining Out

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I haven’t dined out at more than two restaurants, but because the two restaurants were in two different cities yet they were strikingly alike therefore I would like to write about them. The first restaurant that I dined at was in Offenburg. It was a fairly large restaurant with many seats. A restaurant this size […]

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