BECY Summer School: Day 3 & 4

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Hello dear readers! I’m excited to write to you about my experience on BECY Summer School 2017. This post is about my third and fourth day in Stuttgart – Germany. Center of Stuttgart city at night Day 3: September 5th Basically we had 2 subjects: National Systems of Bioeconomics, by Prof. Andreas Pyka and Sophie […]


BECY Summer School: Day 1 & 2

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Hello everyone. Here’s my first experience in BECY Summer School. I arrived in Stuttgart at friday but adventures during the weekend will be tell to you on another post. Day 1: September 3th On sunday I met most participants of BECY, such as the organizators (Tetyana, Bianca, Olga, Cordula, Lili and Lisa). The first activity […]


the final post!

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Hi lovely people, this is the final post! I had finished my study in Cologne Germany and came back to my home country Japan.  I posted an article on DAAD Tokyo’s Facebook and they translated into German below. “Nach einem ereignisreichen Studienjahr in Deutschland ist Ayumi nun nach Japan zurückgekehrt. Sie erinnert sich, dass sie am […]

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