Discovering Munich

29/08/2016 - 13:14 - 2 Comments by | romania flag

No matter how much I want to postpone the day I have to leave this wonderful city, I still have to face the fact that every good thing comes to an end. It is my last week in Munich and I already feel sad about it, but before any other nostalgic moments let me tell […]


Carrots in Germany

23/08/2016 - 09:08 - 0 Comments by | republic_of_china flag

I have experienced my study life in Germany with a transformed preference on taste: the change happened to my taste sense on carrot might epitomize other implicit changes. The lesson is: we should always keep our mind open, especially for the things that we have disliked for years. So, it is about carrots. Let us […]


Daily Life in LMU

22/08/2016 - 09:07 - 0 Comments by | republic_of_china flag

All of the students in this summer course are on the purpose of learning German. Although „Sprachunterricht“(language course) is the most important task, it is naturally not the only thing we do here. The culture and the history in Germany, which closely connected to German language, are also very crucial for us. Accordingly, we are […]

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