Finding home in Germany: Münster

24/03/2016 - 08:22 - 4 Comments by | poland flag


Hello! I am new to the team of the Study-In-Germany Bloggers and I’m very excited to share my insights about the student life in Germany! I came to Germany to study abroad during my third year of Bachelor studies. I have already lived here for one semester—since August 2015. I’m staying here until July 2016. […]


German Easter

23/03/2016 - 08:44 - 0 Comments by | brazil flag

In Germany, the Christian Easter tradition, which celebrates Jesus’ Resurrection and the restart of a new life, is linked to German mythological elements. According to Jacob Grimm, one of the famous Grimm brothers, the German term, Ostern, derives from Ostara, the German Spring goddess. Regarding Easter eggs, the tradition of searching for them is based […]


Things about Heidelberg: for fun nights

22/03/2016 - 15:41 - 0 Comments by | republic_of_china flag

Heidelberg is a town for academic people and students, this means you should go out and party hard when you are done with your work! A quick look at what you should know about this small energetic town. 1. In Summer, it is necessary to get a beer in a grill party on the Neckar […]

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