Neuroscience in Berlin

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Neuroscience Bibles

When I decided to delve deeper into the human mind by studying Neuroscience, I undertook much research on where best to go for my Masters. Apart from the desire to venture beyond the UK or Netherlands, I was pretty open to any other country’s programs. So why did I pick Berlin? It might surprise you to […]


Berlin Ostbahnhof

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„Du bist verrückt mein Kind, muss du nach Berlin. Wo die Verrückten sind, da gehörst du hin“ stand auf eine Postkarte, die ich einmal von Hernán bekommen habe. Er war für zwei Monate in Berlin und hat mich eingeladen um ihn dort zu besuchen aber aus persönlichen Gründen habe ich es nicht geschafft. Das war […]


Mexican students fostering relationships with Germany

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It is common to hear that when you leave your country, is the moment when you appreciate it the most. All those feelings of nationalism somehow arise. I was no exception to this feeling, and it happened that my awareness and concern about the challenges of my homeland Mexico increased considerably, the moment I left. I […]

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