Ich muss mich auf die Zukunft vorbereiten…und ich habe Angst!

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Maranatha Croomes Ach Schule. Es ist mein letztes Jahr in der High School und ich habe  noch fast 3 Monate also wieso muss ich so viele Hausaufgaben machen? Schule ist da, damit wir vorbereitet sind, um eine perfekt Uni für unser Zukunft finden zu können aber unsere Lehrer und Lehrerinnen geben so viele Hausaufgaben als ob […]


The Students’ Union

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I wanted to blog today about one particular part of the university experience and that is the Students’ Union. In the UK, the Students’ Union is a key factor of the institution. It is a place which houses student services such as advice, housing and administrative queries. There are places to eat and for students […]


Family Day

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Today (February 18th) is Family Day in Ontario; it is a statutory holiday with the purpose of taking a break from our busy lives filled with work, school, and various activities and instead spend some time with our families. Modern day life has become very busy and it is often difficult to find time to […]

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