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Carnival is over now. And just as well cause I’m exhausted! Carnival all builds up to Rosenmontag. On this day there are parades in every major city in the Rhineland. For the parade, I decided to head into Cologne once again. I headed in early enough to try and beat the crowds. By this stage you […]


Another day of Carnival

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Carnival is well and truly underway by now. Most companies don’t open on Rosenmontag so that means an extra day for the weekend and an extra day for partying! I went into Cologne again on Saturday. I had thought Thursday was crazy but Saturday was a lot busier and therefore crazier! I expect that this […]



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Carnival is here! Before I came to Bonn and the Rhineland, I had never heard of Carnival. Little did I know, it is taken very seriously here and that I should expect a few days where everyone acts a little bit crazy! Carnival starts on the 11th November and continues until Ash Wednesday in Easter. The Thurday before Rosenmontag […]

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