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Cologne, An Amalgamation

29/08/2016 - 13:22 - 0 Comments by | nepal flag

Kölner Lichter Festival

It has been almost two months since I arrived here in Cologne, Germany. So far the experience has been so wonderful. I have been to the famous Kölner Dom, Römisch Germanisches Museum, some parks, the markets, the shopping streets, to the nearby city of Bonn and Duisburg, and also once to Brussels, Belgium till date. […]


Dachau Concentration Camp and the White Rose

29/08/2016 - 13:18 - 0 Comments by | taiwan flag


In this post, I would like to introduce two events in Nazi Germany, Dachau concentration camp („KZ Dachau“) and the resistance White Rose („die Weiße Rose“) in LMU, which I learned from the summer language course. The history of the World War II had a great influence to the contemporary Germany. Moreover, the way that […]


Discovering Munich

29/08/2016 - 13:14 - 0 Comments by | romania flag


No matter how much I want to postpone the day I have to leave this wonderful city, I still have to face the fact that every good thing comes to an end. It is my last week in Munich and I already feel sad about it, but before any other nostalgic moments let me tell […]